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Powerful suite of tools to run native advertising across major native ad exchanges. All in one platform.

StackAdapt Software Drives Purchase Intent

Tap into the high-performing channel to reach your potential customers with content.

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In-Feed Native Advertising. A smarter way to scale your branded content.

Interruptive advertising is a thing of the past. Building a real connection with your audience goes beyond a pop-up ad or a 15-second sales pitch.

Get serious about modern advertising -- connect with consumers in a more human way.

Native Advertising. Engaging by design.

Say goodbye to tiny banner ads. Say hello to beautiful content advertisements delivered as part of the user experience on desktop and mobile through stunning in-feed placements.

Get your content discovered on sites like

Enterprise Self-Serve Platform

User-friendly, lightning-fast UI to build campaigns with any level of complexity.

A Powerful Set of Features

Dynamic Targeting

Supercharge your campaign by targeting specific user demographics and behavior, geography (from country to city), device, operating systems, all the way to domains and site categories. By combining the scale of every premium native advertising channel, StackAdapt offers targeting features that were previously unavailable to native.

Machine Learning Optimization

Leverage machine learning algorithms designed by our engineers to get the most out of every dollar spent. StackAdapt analytics can track events after the initial impression and past the click, allowing you to optimize towards deeper user engagement.


Access every data point and statistic recorded by StackAdapt. The platform goes beyond basic reporting to offer domain-level statistics, order-level conversions, video completion rates, and viewability metrics, down to every hour.

Tools and Automation

StackAdapt offers a complete set of tools to bring media buying to maximum efficiencies. The enterprise level account includes third-party reporting access, linked accounts, revenue tracking, API integration, and white-label capabilities.

“StackAdapt has been one of the best native ad platforms we have used to date. A+ client service accompanied by an easy to use reporting dashboard that has helped us stay up to date with what our media dollars are actually accomplishing.”

Ash trans

Ash Sanh

Digital Media Specialist

“It is one of the best native platforms out there. Not only is the campaign performance great, they have great customer service and the platform is always upgrading. Would recommend to any advertiser looking to get into the native space.”

Mike trans

Michael Rusk

Campaign Manager

“Just started working with StackAdapt. Great customer service, constantly evolving platform. Overall great experience, would recommend to any advertisers interested in exploring native.”

Olesya trans

Olesya Zinovieva

Associate Director, Campaign Management and Optimization

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