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SunTrust Moved onUp With Lead Generation from StackAdapt

Finance services company SunTrust started the onUp movement to help average citizens better manage major financial investments. Their agency of note, Imagination Publishing, required powerful targeting and distribution to drive signups for the onUp program. The team trusted StackAdapt because of our intent-based targeting and retargeting capabilities. Ultimately, SunTrust saw stellar results: They were able to reduce Cost per Customer Acquisition (CPA) by 68% and produce a total user time on site of over 6,000 hours.

Finance Native
6,000 Hours
total time spent on site
68% Reduction in CPA
*first two weeks to the moment of writing 9 weeks later
Click Through Rate
“Chris is knee-deep in helping us with the CPA piece - he reached out as usual and has been proactive in steering in the right direction to activate our retargeting pool, which we're hopeful can increase relevance and thus lower costs.”