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Distribution of Content at Scale Reimagined Through StackAdapt

KodakAlaris is a UK-based company specializing in information management and personalized imaging solutions. Their goal was to use the content created by their agency, Imagination Publishing to drive initial exposure and attract users to their web properties. Through StackAdapt native advertising, Imagination Publishing was able to achieve a 0.50% CTR (8X the banner ad average of 0.06%), eliminate accidental clicks and hard bounces, and increase average time on site to 1 minute and 26 seconds, a metric in-line with most editorial content. Over the course of the campaign, the content engaged users for a total of 3,188 hours or 132 days.

“Our goal was to make sure that we not only got visitors to our pages, but those visitors were of high quality. StackAdapt's engagement-based technology helped us drive the best visitors for our clients.”