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How StackAdapt Delivered Smoking Results For Victoria's Coastal Texas Barbecue Trail

Established in 2015, Explore Victoria has focused on marketing specific, genuine travel experiences in Victoria, Texas. One of its most notable successes is the Great Coastal Texas Barbecue Trail -- a true Texas culinary experience designed to immerse barbecue aficionados in the region's rich food history. With StackAdapt native advertising, Explore Victoria achieved a CTR of 0.47% -- doubling their original goal of 0.20% and eclipsing the average CTR of banner ads.

Travel & Tourism Native
“Content really is king. It has to be compelling -- you can't trick people into coming to your site. Native advertising ensures that the content we're producing is served when our audience is engaged and ready to take action, and StackAdapt's ability to track and optimize towards post-click user engagement allows us to measure that engagement in real time.”